• The Perks Of a Bathtub Install

    Choosing the bathtub, you want can be daunting. Bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes. But we can easily design it to fit any area. Your bathtub will be the centerpiece of quality and relaxation in your home.

    Custom Fit

    It can be hard to decide on the bathtub you choose. They come in many different sizes, and many different styles, and with lots of great features. With our experience designers, they will have your bathtub custom built to your specifications.

    Soaking tubs are another great option for your new bathroom. They are usually deeper and wider than conventional tubs or freestanding tubs. Our expert designers can show you some of the soaking tubs that are as long as 6.5 feet and can fit two adults. The great aspect of a soaking tub is that it can be found in many different styles. Our expert bathroom designers from RH Bathroom remodel Brighton will show you classic enameled cast iron Victorian style claw-foot soaking tubs along with the ultramodern acrylic tubs. Soaking tubs weigh a lot, so our contractors will make sure your new bathroom can handle between 225 to 2,000 pounds, not including the weight of the water. Soaking tubs are not economical when it comes to water, Soaking tubs require 50 to 80 gallons of water. Another problem with a soaking tub is heating that much water. A hot water booster can be installed by our contractor to complement an existing water heater, in some cases, an on-demand heater may be necessary.

    Features you want

    There are countless features and ways of designing your new bathtub. The bathtub will become the centerpiece of luxury and convenience in your bathroom. The bathtub can have everything from water jets to music players. They can all be added to make your bathing experience memorable.

    Sunken whirlpool tub is another option for your new bathroom. These bathtubs come with an array of therapeutic and relaxing options. Whirlpool can have multiple jets or single jets that our expert bathroom builders can install in the walls behind the tub. Our expert bathroom designers and remodelers can show you the choices of a wide assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors, including models that fit into the standard 5- to 6-foot tub space. There are basic types of whirlpool baths that have a hydromassage. These whirlpool bathtubs use a pump to recirculate bath water out of several jets located in the tub walls. Another great option when it comes to a whirlpool bathtub is the therapeutic air massage. This whirlpool bathtub has a feature that uses an air system that encases the tub. This creates an awesome experience that engulfs the bather with thousands of gentle bubbles. These bubbles pour in from small holes in the bottom and sides of the tub.

    the best value

    You may think that your bathtub is old-fashioned, but they are now beautiful. One of the biggest things that home buyers look for when they are looking at a home to purchase is if that home has a bathtub. With an installation of a great bathtub, you can greatly increase your home's value.

    If you are a senior, and you or someone you know has mobility issues, RH Bathroom Remodel Brighton has the perfect solution with the walk-in tub. The walk-in tub has the ability to combine safety with revitalizing hydrotherapy. RH Bathroom Remodel Brighton designers will show you several convenient sizes and can be installed in a standard bathtub space. The walk-in tub has everything in one, a comfortable, chair-height, built-in seat and a grab bar for added security. For your free bathtub quote please call us at (720) 802-0035.For more ideas on bathroom remodeling visit: bathroomremodelingofconcord.com or somerskitchenbathremodel.com



  • Freestanding Stand Alone Tubs

    Freestanding Tubs: What To Know Before You Install

    Free Standing pre soaker tub

    This can be round or oval, and it’s deep. A Japanese soaking tub may have a smaller footprint and usually an integrated seat. But what it might lack in length, it makes up for in depth: It’s deep enough to sit in with water up to your shoulders.

    Free standing corner Tub

    Rounded or triangle shaped tub that fits in a corner. Great for smaller spaces.

    Single- or double-ended tub

    These have one or two sloped, rounded ends to rest against. The single-ended has the plumbing at the opposite end, with double-ended in the middle of the tub.

    Free standing or stand alone tub

    RH Bathroom Remodel Brighton Colorado installs Freestanding also known as Standalone tubs. Here is some great information on them. Want to relax in a deep tub at home? Try to realize that dream! Freestanding bathtubs have existed for millennia. In the 20th century, showers replaced freestanding tubs as the only way to bathe. Freestanding tubs are making a comeback, combining luxury, form, and function with new options. Is one coming? Know this. What is a Freestanding Tub? Freestanding tubs are wall-free. Unlike an alcove tub, the tub is finished on all sides. Freestanding tubs can be placed near walls or in an open bathroom. A window view or fireplace may be used to enhance the location. Congratulations! Freestanding tubs are versatile. Choose from fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble, solid surface, cast iron, copper, stainless steel, and cedar. Features include: Single- or double-ended tubs have sloped, rounded ends to rest against. Single-ended tubs have plumbing on one end, while double-ended have it in the middle. Slipper tub: Its form resembles a high-heeled shoe. Single slipper tubs have a raised interior at one end for seating, while double slipper tubs are raised at both ends. Pedestal tub: The base matches the tub. Footed (clawfoot) tub: The most common clawfoot tub has four feet. The claw-like feet inspired the name. Corner-fitting freestanding tub: Triangular with two straight sides. Most freestanding tub bathrooms have a separate shower. Installing a circular shower rod to enclose the tub with curtains adds a shower. Before alcove tubs became popular, clawfoot tubs did that. Freestanding soaking tub: Round or oval, deep. Japanese soaking tubs are usually smaller and have seats. It's short but deep: It's shoulder-deep. Freestanding jetted tub: These tubs can be used for hydrotherapy. Tub Dimensions: Freestanding tub sizes vary like styles. They're longer, wider, and deeper than alcove tubs. But it's really about matching the size of the tub with your bathroom. Don't go too narrow in width—32 inches are good. Freestanding Tub Shopping Tips Before buying, consider these: Cost: Don't consider a tub that's too expensive. Material: Consider aesthetics and maintenance. Dimensions: Choose a tub based on bathroom size. Plumbing: Does the tub need plumbing at one end? Middle? Fit your plumbing with a tub. Shape and style: Match your tub's use and bathroom design. Weight: Make sure your bathroom floor can handle cast iron along with the weight when the tub is full of water. Cons of Freestanding Tubs Do freestanding tubs make sense? Consider pros and cons. Pros Affordable luxury. Deeper tubs make relaxing soaks easier. Style and material choices abound. Cons Freestanding tubs and faucets cost more to install. A normal alcove tub with a new faucet cost between $1,300 and $1,900 to install in Brighton Colorado, without a tile surround. A freestanding tub with a floor-mounted faucet costs between $3,000 and $4,500. Moving plumbing from a wall to the middle of a bathroom may be necessary when remodeling. Cleaning deeper tubs is harder. Unless you like shower curtains, you need a separate shower. Installing grab bars for disabled bathers can be difficult. if you have questions about freestanding standalone bathtubs, or want a free estimate on installing a freestanding standalone bathtub, or any other bathroom needs please feel free to call

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    Free standing tub soaking tub: