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    Bathroom remodeling can be easy!


    RH Bathroom Remodel Brighton is your best and #1 choice in Brighton Co, for all your bathroom needs. We specialize in new bathroom tubs, showers, shower tub combo units, cabinets, vanities, mirrors and accessories. Your total bathroom model will be designed by our expert designers and installed by our expert contractors and builders. The one place that you visit multiple times per day is your bathroom. You do not give your bathroom much thought. Admit you take your bathroom for granted. Your bathroom has a role in your home, but its definition is hard to define sometimes. On one hand your bathroom is part of your day to day place to take care of your health and happiness. On the other hand you want your bathroom to be a place of refuge, a place where you can relax and melt away the stresses of the day?


    With the expert designers, contractors, and builders at RH Bathroom Remodel Brighton you don’t have to decide between these two questions anymore. Now you can have both. Your bathroom needs matters and with our bathroom designers you don’t have to wait years with a bathroom that does not fit your needs. You also don’t have to worry about the misconceptions about the high cost and big hassles associated with a complete bathroom remodel.

    At RH Bathroom Remodel Brighton our expert designers will explore and explain all the options available to you. Our builders are the most experienced professionals that make the process easier than you ever thought possible. A renovation devised around everything that fits not only your budget but also your schedule. As you stay in your home longer the more your circumstances of your life changes. Your bathroom priorities change as well. The bathroom that you once enjoyed and loved may seem unsatisfactory now. As your family grows so should your bathroom. As children become part of the picture your bathroom needs to change as well. The amenities that you need now are different from the amenities you needed a few years ago. By the same picture your house is empty and now you have the extra space to create the oasis that you have always dreamed of, you can have that now. What happens in your retirement age differs from when you were younger. You will need a bathroom that will fit your needs no matter what stage of life you may be in. There is no such thing as a bathroom that is perfect for everyone, there is just a bathroom that is perfect for you. What is the perfect bathroom for you now? Give us a call at (720) 802-0035 for a free quote and our expert designer and builders will answer all your questions and walk you through the entire process, so that you can have the perfect bathroom for your needs right now! For more ideas on bathroom remodeling visit: bathroomremodelingofconcord.com or somerskitchenbathremodel.com

  • Bathroom Remodel Brighton Trends

    10 Bathroom trends you might like or not


    Tiles with graphic patterns are really popular right now. But fashions shift. A tiled floor cannot simply be replaced when this occurs. It is not only pricey job, but it might also call for expert assistance. If you must have patterned flooring, choose a striped or chevron rug instead, which can be easily changed out later and costs a fraction of what new tile would.

    Wall Mounted Faucets

    Counter-mounted sink bowls work well with wall-mounted faucets. Just keep in mind that all those plumbing pipes are now concealed behind a wall that most likely has tile covering it. When plumbing problems emerge, hidden plumbing entails hidden leaks and messy, pricy repairs. Your pipes and fittings will be much easier to access from below your vanity cabinet when faucets are mounted on a countertop.


    Why is the no-threshold shower so popular? A shower that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom enhances accessibility while providing a clean, contemporary design. However, you must ensure that it is well engineered. Every time you take a shower, water will end up all over the bathroom floor if the right drainage system is not in place.


    Nowadays, barn doors are practically ubiquitous. This fad will make your house look hopelessly out of date in ten years. Therefore, if you want to install a barn door in your bathroom—whether it's to conserve space or to seem trendy—be aware that you could need to repair it more frequently than you anticipate.


    Without doors, several huge showers are being constructed. It reduces the requirement for floor space for door clearance, and a door that doesn't exist is undoubtedly simpler to clean! However, keep in mind that a shower door serves more purposes than just keeping water off the bathroom floor. While you lather up, that barrier retains heat and humidity inside the shower cubicle and prevents chilly gusts from entering. Even when the water is hot, you could feel cold in a doorless shower, making you long for one.


    Although fish scale tiles are popular for bathroom walls, more conventional tastes might find the mermaid design a little out there. When it comes time to sell your house, this trend may become a liability. If you're having trouble deciding, include the subject with a decoration that is simple to take down, such as a framed picture of art or a wall stencil.


    A trend in home decor that begins in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room may eventually spread to the bathroom. Consider the ceiling's wood finishing. Watch out for this. Wood and moisture don't mix well. The heat and steam from a bath or shower may cause the wood to bend and crack as it rises, or worse, may promote the formation of mold. On wooden boards, mold is difficult to remove after it has taken hold. Consider a classic ceiling painted in a layer of paint suitable for high-moisture settings if you want your ceilings to survive for many years with little to no upkeep.


    Built-in tubs can't compare to the luxury that freestanding tubs emanate. Freestanding tubs are a popular trend in bigger master bathrooms, even though they are a tight fit in compact apartments or condos. Before you pay the top of the market price, though, make certain that you want to dedicate that type of space to a soaking tub. If you don't intend to use the soaking tub every day (or most days), it can end up being more of a trip risk than a sensual haven. What happens if you do use your stand alone tub every day? if you do utilize it daily? Due to their deep walls, these tubs will consume a lot more water than their built-in counterparts, so be prepared for an increase in your water costs.


    To be clear, though: This is a pattern. And like all trends, whether useful or not, it will pass. Reinstalling those pipes in the wall will be expensive once the trend is over. Additionally, each shower presents the danger of burning yourself by bumping up against the hot water supply due to the exposed pipes. Instead of using pipes as window or shower curtain rods, consider using them to create the industrial pipe effect in your bathroom decor.